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Service Puppy

We are proud of our "Grover", one of our pups. He has begun training to become a service dog. So far he is doing great, and making us all proud! Now he is living with his volunteer puppy raiser family and learning basic manners and obedience, and getting lots of time for puppy naps!

Learn more about the wonderful Colorado service dog program that is working with him and other pups, called Canine Partners of the Rockies. Click here to visit their site.






Below are more photos of Grover, and some with his litter.

Grover Sit

Grover after training with some of the other pups from CaPR.

horse show

and at the National Vaulting Championships!


The Force        And Sacred Warrior

May the Force be with you!                                and with Sacred Warrior.

with news anchor

Grover with news anchor Libby Weaver

Grover at Museum        at Dia

at the museum with his trainer                         and at DIA!

        KittyToy        Cool!

Where's that kitty?                                                Ahhh! cool!



Deja pups

Here's Grover with his litter, that's him in the middle of the 5 sitting pups!


Deja pups

Here he is with his brothers and sisters, that's him in the middle, taking a nap!


Deja pups

Here's Grover again, second from the left, towards the bottom.







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