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We are currently looking for a permanent Fostering home for a beautiful female pup. She's 8 weeks old. We anticipate that she will grow to about 55 pounds.

At Best Friend Goldens we select top quality pups to become a part of our breeding program. These pups may occasionally be available for "fostering" with select families. These pups will grow up and live permanently with their "foster" families. After passing their health clearances they will temporarily return to us either to have a litter or provide stud service.

This is a win-win-win arrangement for us, the dog and for the fostering family. It allows us to broaden and diversify our breeding program; it allows our dogs to have a high quality life with a permanent, loving home; and our foster families receive pick-of-the-litter pups that promise to be outstanding companions. Fostering families receive their puppy at a reduced cost and are financially compensated for each litter.

Fostering families must fulfill several requirements including owning their home, having a well fenced yard and living geographically close to us in Jefferson County, Colorado (within about 5 miles of Lakewood). We prefer homes with two adults and no young children.

Fostering is a unique arrangement that won't be right for every pet owner. Because we expect to have a partnership for several years, it's important that we feel we will be able to work well together.

If you'd like to foster a pup, contact us to request an application.







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