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Puppy Guarantee and Warranty

At Best Friend Goldens we breed dogs of sound health and temperament. We do this by carefully selecting our parent dogs and testing them for genetic disorders. We feed a premium dog food and provide them with lots of love and attention. Puppies are well socialized, we get to know them all as individuals.

Health Guarantee:
Our puppies are guaranteed to be in good health at the time of the sale and will have been declared healthy by a licensed veterinarian. Puppies will have all age appropriate shots, worming and permanent identification (microchip). If within 72 hours of receipt the puppy it is found to have an illness of concern, it may be returned within 48 hours of the veterinarian exam, for a full refund.

Health Warranty:
Reasonable precautions have been taken to prevent our puppies from acquiring serious genetic disorders including hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, heart disease and eye disease. If by the time a puppy reaches 24 months of age it suffers a significant loss of quality of life due to any of these disorders, the owner may opt to keep the puppy and we will refund the vet fees incurred to remedy the disorder(s) up to $500. If the owner opts not to keep the puppy we will replace the puppy or refund the purchase price (breeder's choice.)




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